2019 SGCA Board Elections

It is time to make your voice heard and influence the direction of our community association through becoming a South Gate Community Association Board Member.  

We are starting the 2019 process with nominations.  To be a nominee, a person must be an “Active Member”, which is defined in the bylaws as a property owner (this includes the family, a single person, a partnership, or corporation) who is current on annual membership dues.  If you are a property owner, but have not paid your 2018 dues, you may pay them now to become an “Active Member” for vote rights and to be eligible for a Board position.

Download: 2019 Proxy Ballot (PDF)

New Board Of Directors Nominees

Bill Graham

Since 1981 I have owned my home at 2444 Foster Lane in Sarasota and as a long time Southgate resident I feel it is time to give back to the Southgate Community that has been so good to us. Married to Carol Graham with six grown children and ten grandchildren. Originally from the Chicago area. Since 1976 I have owned and operated Southwest Maintenance Services, Inc. , a janitorial service. A small company with fifteen employees. It has provided us with a good life for our family. At 77 years old I am slowing down my work involvement and feel I have the time to spend on some other projects like Southgate. I will do whatever the board feels is most needed.

I would like to see the Southgate Community Association work at getting better deed restriction compliance with residents to improve the look of the neighborhood - a more active approach based on community visits and motivation. I would like to see more community events - such as a quarterly pot luck type dinner - say italian one time, german another, american in July, or holiday dinner in December. Low cost, maybe sponsored by a company to underwrite the cost. Maybe a july picnic barbecue. I would like to see the association promoted more and sold to new residents. perhaps a visit and discussion when they move in. more registration effort for more people to join. I would like to see the office open on some regular schedule maybe two days a week or three half days. Lastly, perhaps more selling of our clubhouse and pool to encourage people to use it more and to rent the facility for their events. But, I don't know the background history of the association and what they have done or found works and doesn't work, but I am willing to learn and do whatever tasks I am given.

Carol and I have enjoyed our life in Southgate and look forward to many more years here among the friends and neighbors we have come to know and enjoy.

Steven Novick

My name is Steve Novick, and I am seeking membership on the Southgate Community Association Board of Directors. I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, attended law school at the University of Oklahoma, and practiced law in Oklahoma for most of my working life – first as a Legal Aid lawyer and then in my own practice with a focus on labor and employment law for employees. After retirement, my wife Martha and I moved to Cape Cod for several years so that I could be closer to my dad in his later years. We recently purchased a home on Thornton Place in Unit 18 of the Southgate neighborhood and became full-time Florida residents. Sarasota impressed us as a growing and vibrant community where music, art, theatre, and outdoor activities were readily available. We chose Southgate for our home, because of our love for mid-20th century design and ranch homes, and because of its central location to most of what Sarasota has to offer. I have previous experience working on neighborhood boards. In my former home community outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the County Commissioners appointed me to serve on a rural planning and zoning board charged with land management around a large lake. After moving into the Ranch Acres neighborhood in Tulsa, I served on the neighborhood association board and became its president. Ranch Acres, like Southgate, is a neighborhood of 1950s and 1960s ranch homes. As president, I spearheaded the successful effort to have Ranch Acres placed into the National Register of Historic Places as an example of a classic mid-century neighborhood – at the time, only the second neighborhood in the country to be accorded that honor. See tulsapreservationcommission.org/districts/ranch-acres-historic-district.

After studying the demographics of Southgate, reading past issues of the newsletter, and just driving around, I have been surprised by several things. First, I found it unusual that barely 10% of the Southgate residents were members of the association, notwithstanding its status as a “voluntary” association. By comparison, our neighborhood on Cape Cod, which was also a voluntary association with relatively low annual dues, had a 90% dues paying participation rate. Second, I am concerned that our community center designed by famed Sarasota architect Victor Lundy and the grounds surrounding it are in a state of some disrepair. I know the Board has worked hard on how best to restore and maintain the complex, but it seems that no resolution is reasonably in sight. Finally, I have noted that there appears to be widespread disregard for the neighborhood deed restrictions, particularly with respect to parking and trailer restrictions, excessive brush, and unsightly objects. I believe that the central legitimate purpose of deed restrictions is to achieve and maintain a certain standard of quality and appearance in the neighborhood that would enhance property values and the quality of life. Southgate residents can benefit both financially and aesthetically from a more consistent upgraded appearance.

In view of these observations, my highest priorities as a Board member would be to support: (1) efforts to expand dues paying membership in the association; (2) redoubling efforts to restore and maintain the community center as association-owned property; and (3) compliance with deed restrictions. If you share these priorities with me, I ask for your vote to become a member of the Southgate Board. Working together, I believe we can make the Southgate neighborhood a truly exceptional place to live.

Dave Swesen

Dave is originally from New Hope, Minnesota. After graduating from High School he went to North Texas State University to study as a music major. After becoming ill and returning home to recuperate, he spent several months considering his options before deciding on a 4-year enlistment in the Marine Corps. He was trained as a Teletype Technician and served in 29 Palms, CA and Beaufort, SC. During his final year he served at Camp Foster in Okinawa, Japan. After the Marines he spent the Summer back in MN, and decided to move to Ft. Myers, FL with a close friend to work in the wallcovering and painting business. While working in Ft. Myers he met Marsha (a former Minnesotan) and they were married about a year later while Dave was attending Edison Community College. They found that they had gone to the same high school, and their families had friends in common. In fact, her Father remembers helping carry a concert harp into their church for a wedding – the harpist was Dave’s mom Louise! After graduating from ECC Dave was accepted at Florida’s Honor College, New College of USF in Sarasota. His focus in college was Psychology, Sociology, and Science. In 1992 Dave got his Real Estate license and later his Broker’s license. He has owned/operated his own independent Brokerage, operated a franchised Real Estate company, and is currently working as a Broker/Sales Associate at the Main Street office for Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate-Atchley Properties. With over 26 years in Real Estate, it has given him a wealth of experience to guide his Buyers and Sellers with their Real Estate concerns.

Dave is excited to share his talent in music and Real Estate with Community Associations in the Greater Sarasota area. He has also had an active piano ministry at Assisted Living Facilities in Florida and has also taken it “on the road” in Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee over the last 5 years.

Dave and his wife Marsha and their cockatiel “Kiwi” live in South Gate. We love calling Sarasota our home! We’ve been blessed to travel to over 60 countries to date and are always interested in learning about new cultures and enjoying new people and experiences. We’re also somewhat “adrenaline junkies” with experiences of skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, zip-lining, and flying various types of small aircraft. We also love to ride our Honda Goldwing motorcycle!

As to ideas for South Gate:

  • I’d love to help create a “welcome package” to new residents (with special offers from local businesses)

  • I’d like to create a South Gate Key chain (to give to all Owner residents)

  • I’d like to look into more signage to let the community know that they are entering South Gate on Webber and Tuttle (and elsewhere?)

  • I’d like to create more social events for residents to get involved and meet their South “Gator” neighbors

  • I’d like to help put together a plan to revitalize the Community Center and the grounds

The process:

  1. Nominations

    1. Process starts now and will close on October 31, 2018

    2. Please volunteer or encourage other active members to volunteer.

  2. Voting

    1. Proxies will be mailed mid-November and closed on November 30, 2018.

    2. Live voting will occur at a Members Meeting on Tuesday, December 18, 2018.

  3. Officer nomination and election will occur at the January Board and Member’s Meeting

  4. New Board introductions will occur at a Members Meeting on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

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