It’s Time to Paint

$840 of $3,000 Raised

(updated weekly)

Since 1956, the Historic South Gate Community Center has been the centerpiece of the South Gate community. Like most buildings from this era, it requires a non-trivial amount of maintenance and repair each year to keep the walls standing. Now it’s time to add a fresh coat of paint to the building, but we need your help.

Our membership dues alone won’t keep the maintenance up on a building like this. These limited funds must be shared with social activities, enforcing deed restrictions, and other association expenses. Every year that goes by the building becomes more fragile and expensive to upkeep. We are looking to raise only $3,000 from the community to scrape and paint the wooden areas on the main building. This much needed maintenance has been deferred for far too long and we are hoping to raise these funds by the end of September.

We’ll be posting the results of our efforts here and in the monthly newsletter. If you love the South Gate Community Center please consider contributing any amount to help us move this project along quickly using the contribute button on this page.