Parking Pad Construction Guidelines

In order to implement the permitted use of parking pads in the South Gate Community, the Association has established the following guidelines:

  1. All parking pads must be located in the front yard. Whenever possible, the parking pad must be adjacent to the existing driveway. Please note that for properties located on corner lots, the side yard facing a street is considered a front yard for parking purposes.

  2. Parking pads may be constructed only of concrete, shell, pavers, or gravel. Asphalt and other materials are not permitted.

  3. For shell or gravel pads, the area of the proposed pad must be excavated of grass and weeds to a depth that will result in a finished pad that is “at grade” after the fill material is added.

  4. All parking pads require the approval of the South Gate Community Association and a building permit issued by the Association. Such permits will be issued free of charge. No permit will be issued until the property owner submits a site plan for the proposed parking pad.